About HYer

HyER, the European Association for Hydrogen and fuel cells and Electro-mobility in  European  Regions  (formally  HyRaMP),  was  established  in  collaboration  with  the  EU Commission  in  2008.  HyER  supports  the  deployment  and  uptake  of  hydrogen  and  fuel  cell technologies  and  electro-mobility  in  Europe  to  contribute  positively  to  carbon  dioxide  emissions reduction,  environment  protection  as  well  as  economic  growth  and  employment.    HyER is representing over 35 regions and cities in Europe.

Through the active monitoring and collecting of current project results and industrial developments and  as  partner  in  several  EU  projects  for  dissemination  and  communication,  HyER seeks  to develop  fact-based  policy  at  EU,  national  and  local  level  to  establish  robust  local  deployment channels and a first customer base. For this purpose HyER is currently facilitating the development of  a  European  wide  electro-mobility  monitoring  facility  to  collect  data  and  experiences  of  electric mobility projects throughout Europe.

Electromobility,  as  understood  by  industry  and  utilities,  comprises  battery  electric  as  well  as  hydrogen/fuel  cell  powered  vehicles  and  the  relevant  infrastructure  needed  for  the  supply  with energy. Both propulsion technologies offer complementary transport solutions but have many elements in common.  HyER  is  therefore  actively  seeking  to  support  the  deployment  of  the  full range  of  electric  transport  solutions,  battery  electric  as  well  as  fuel  cell  electric  cars  and  buses, leveraging  budgets  and  links  to  clean  energy  networks  to  ensure  sustainable  market  and infrastructure build-up.

HyER’s Main activities 

1. Collecting data and monitoring impact: HyER since 2012 has been coordinating the European Electromobility Observatory funded by the EU and actively collects data of all the major national and local battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles programs  As a partner in several electric vehicle projects HyER is collecting  upclose  insight  in  performance  and  necessary  infrastructure  requirements  to  facilitate fact-based  policy.  HyER  also  facilitates  the  development  of  various  small  and  large  scale demonstration  programs  involving  HyER  members.  Activities have covered support for stationary applications and early market developments.

2.  Developing  longterm  EU  Support  Framework:  HyER  is  cooperating  with  EU  institutions  and national governments to develop the necessary policy support framework for the establishment of a  sustainable  market  and  infrastructure  build-up  throughout  Europe.  By  engaging  directly  with policymakers  HyER  is  making  sure  that  current  EU  programs  support  HyER  members  to  rapidly integrate clean technology at local level.

3.  Defining concrete plans for market introduction: Support HyER members to initiate first roll out and build robust local deployment channels and first customer base. By exchanging best practice and working closely with technology providers HyER is developing effective procurement strategies and market support mechanisms. HyER is also working on leveraging budgets at EU, national and regional level and new financing mechanisms.