HyER member: Aberdeen City Council

Name of the project: ACHES – Aberdeen City Hydrogen Energy Storage

Description: The ACHES project will put in place a second hydrogen refuelling station and storage facility in the south of the city. With ownership of the asset, the Council will be able to use the fuel for any application.

The station is to be designed to produce a minimum of 130kg of hydrogen per day. The station will be able to dispense hydrogen at both 350bar and 700 bar. Offering the ability to refuel at 700 bar means that this station will be suited to the specifications of hydrogen cars and vans, allowing the city to open a new market place for supporting the commercialisation of hydrogen vehicles further.

This project has secured a significant amount of EU funding and part of that requirement is to support businesses to take advantage of the opportunities which this new technology offers.

As well as the physical infrastructure the project shall provide a training room housing a demonstration fuel cell which is intended to increase knowledge of the opportunities within the hydrogen supply chain. The multi-use opportunities offered by this building will allow Aberdeen to further extend the accessibility of hydrogen infrastructure in the city.

Funding: This project has received ERDF funding

Contact: h2aberdeen@aberdeencity.gov.uk  |  + 0044 (0) 1224 522973