HyER member: Berlin

Name of the project: Berlin-Brandenburg International Showcase for Electro-mobility

Description:  The Berlin-Brandenburg Showcase is about to further develop and demonstrate electro-mobility. The general public shall be enabled to experience the concrete uses of sustainable mobility. Over a period of four years, the Showcase partners have implemented around 30 core projects and additional associated projects designed to examine open questions regarding points such as:

  • User acceptance,
  • Suitability for daily use,
  • Infrastructural requirements and
  • Environmental impact.

The Showcase targets four focal areas of application that all intersect with the subsystems of vehicles, energy and transportation. These are:

  • Driving (emission-free mobility in passenger and freight transport, intermodal transport, fleets, and electric car-sharing),
  • Charging & Parking (sustainable expansion of the public infrastructure),
  • Storage (electro-mobility as part of a Berlin-Brandenburg smart grid) and
  • Integration (using information and communication technology to integrate mobility solutions with the energy grid and innovative business models, qualification/training and continuing education).

To discover the projects developed under this initiative, please visit http://www.emo-berlin.de/en/showcase/projects/

Link to websitehttp://www.emo-berlin.de/en/showcase/projects/

Contact:  http://www.emo-berlin.de/en/contact/