HyER member: Skåne

Name of the project: Blue Move

Blue MoveDescription: Blue Move is a trans-boundary effort in Øresund – Kattegatt – Skagerrak with public and private actors to support an increased use of renewable energy through use of hydrogen as a replacement for fossil fuels. The project will contribute to development of business models for hydrogen infrastructure as well as for production and distribution, which is essential to enable a broad introduction of hydrogen vehicles.

The project started in summer 2015 and will last until summer 2018.

Partners: Hydrogen Sweden (coordinator), Innovatum, Gatubolaget, Region Skåne, Energikontoret Skåne, Falkenbergs kommun, SP Sverige, Falkenberg Energi, Wallenstam, OREEC, Kunnskapsbyen Lillestrøm, HyStorsys, Skedsmo kommune, Oslo kommune, Zero, NEL Hydrogen, HyOP, SP A/S Danmark, Akershus fylkeskommune.

InterregFunding: This project has received funding from the Interreg ÖKS programme

Link to website: www.bluemove.no

Contact: Kristian E. Vik, OREEC (no), +47 951 83 350, kristian@oreec.no
Linda Nilsson, Hydrogen Sweden (se), +46 31 33 43 771, linda.nilsson@vatgas.se
Ola Solér, Region Skåne (se), +46 44 309 32 78, ola.soler@skane.se