HyER member: Hamburg

Name of the project: e4ships

e4shipsDescription: Along with individual transport, shipping is the second highest source of CO2 emissions. This is of significant importance to the port city of Hamburg, which also has a major inland body of water (Alster). Consequently, projects to develop fuel cells for ship propulsion or for powering auxiliary systems play a key role for the city.

In order to meet stricter regulations, the emissions of seagoing vessels, above all in harbours, need to be decreased strongly in future. The advantages of generating power via fuel cells onboard ships are twofold: the emission of toxic pollutants is reduced and the efficiency of the facilities is improved. Thus they present an attractive alternative to conventional ship aggregates, and can contribute considerably to decreasing harmful emissions.

The project e4ships aims to improve significantly the energy supply onboard large vessels. To realise this, the use of PEM and high-temperature fuel cells is being planned; these should enable a considerable reduction in emissions and fuel use. In addition to the technical implantation on different vessel types, another important challenge is to derive technical standards for all system types and performance classes. Moreover, better high-performance energy supply systems need to be planned for the future.

The e4ships project is a cooperative venture between well-known German shipyards and shipping companies, leading manufacturers of fuel cells, universities, associations and classification organizations. the project started at the end of 2009.
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Funding: National funding streams

Link to website: http://www.e4ships.de/e4ships-home.html

Contact: Carola Thimm, hySOLUTIONS
carola.thimm@hysolutions-hamburg.de | +49 40 32 88 44 96