HyER member: Aragon

Name of the project: ELYNTEGRATION


Description: The strategic goal of ELYntegration is the design and engineering of a robust, flexible and cost competitive Multi Megawatt alkaline water electrolyser, based on IHT technology, capable of producing with a single stack up to 4.5 ton H2/day for energy applications.

A set of specific objectives has been defined for the project, both at functional capabilities level and value proposition, covering points as:

  • Functional capabilities and advanced system design for CAPEX competitiveness
  • High system efficiency and high current density
  • Robustness and safety
  • Flexibility
  • Durability in steady state and dynamic conditions
  • Enhanced communication and control capabilities

Value proposition:

  • Regulatory frameworks, standards, tariffs, scenarios and end-users
  • CAPEX/OPEX analysis
  • Business scenarios and business models
  • Dissemination and impact

The project is coordinated by Hydrogen Aragon (Fha) and the other partners are Industrie Haute Technology, Fraunhofer IFAM, Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologish Onderzoek, Inycom, Institut und Lehrstuhl für Elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft- RWTH Aachen.

The project started in 2015 and will last until 2018

Funding:  The project is co-funded by the FCH-JU 

Link to website: http://elyntegration.eu/

Contact: info@hidrogenoaragon.org | +34 974 215 258