HyER member: NRW

Name of the project: eMERGE

eMERGEDescription: The goal of this project is to adapt electric driving intelligently to the energy management to offer more comfort to the drivers of electric cars in the future. First, technical aspects of electric cars and smart charging systems to improve grid utilization are examined. Following, based on actual customer data, charging and marketing models in the field of electric mobility will be evaluated and developed. Vehicle related innovations and accepted business models will help to establish electric vehicles on the market in the long term. To achieve this goal, a fleet of up to 350 e-vehicles will be installed in the model regions Berlin-Potsdam, Stuttgart, Rhein-Ruhr and Rhine-Main.

Project Leader: Daimler AG

Project Duration: 2012-2017

Project Partner: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft FOKUS, PTV AG, RWE Effizienz GmbH, RWTH Aachen University, TU Berlin, Universität Siegen, FKFS Stuttgart

20. NRWFunding: The project is funded by the state of North-Rhine Westphalia

Link to website: http://www.emerge-projekt.de/

Contact: Filippos Kourkoulos
Mercedes-Benz Vertrieb Deutschland, Daimler AG, HPC 201-V140, D-10243 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)176 31477291 | E-Mail: filippos.kourkoulos@daimler.com