HyER member: Aragon

Name of the project: HY4ALL

HY4ALLDescription: Despite major technological development and the start of commercial deployments of the fuel cells and hydrogen technology, the public awareness of FCH technologies has lagged behind this technical progress so far, restricting the appetite of potential customers and risking a lack of support from policymakers.

To address this challenge, a consortium of leading experts has come together, combining communication experts, PR of established manufacturers and technology suppliers and world-class experts on the societal benefits of low carbon technologies. Together, the they will deliver HY4ALL, an ambitious programme to drive a step-change in awareness and excitement around fuel cells and hydrogen and deliver clear and consistent messages that resonate with all audiences, from policymakers to the general public. The project will be active in minimum 11 member states, and will be closely linked to the large numbers of existing hydrogen initiatives and demonstrations, maximising its impact and allowing the communication strategy to influence dissemination work beyond the project for lasting effects.

The project aims will be delivered through the following activities:

  • Development of an overarching communication strategy, that will form the basis for all subsequent project activities and will allow the FCH community to speak with ‘one voice’
  • Creation of an interactive web portal for FCH technologies, providing a ‘one stop shop’ for visitors seeking information and acting as a single brand and hub for all other dissemination activities
  • A cross-European “”hydrogen for society”” roadshow with fuel cell vehicles travelling between cities across the EU. The roadshow will form the focal point for a variety of innovative dissemination activities, public debates, co-hosting of national vehicle and infrastructure launches
  • A robust assessment of the macro-economic and societal benefits of FCH technologies, providing fact-based analysis used to convey clear messages
  • The project has started in 2015 and will last until 2018 and is coordinated by Air Liquide.

Horizon 2020Funding: The project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 programme

Contact: info@hidrogenoaragon.org | +34 974 215 258