HyER member: Torres Vedras
Name of the project: MOBI.E

The MOBI.E network is an intelligent charging network to the deployment of electric mobility. Available throughout Portugal, and accessible to all users, the MOBI.E network will allow an optimal exploitation of the electric grid: in a near future it will allow grid managers to control the electric vehicles charging process, transferring consumption from peak to low demand periods; later on, it will have the possibility to re-enter into the grid the electricity stored in the EVs in a simple and user-friendly way, avoiding in this way the peaks of electricity production. In Torres Vedras are available 12 charging points for electric vehicles.

Funding: National funding streams
Link to website: http://www.mobie.pt/
Contact: Sandra Pedro – Torres Vedras Municipality
Phone: +351 261 310 482 – Email: sandra.pedro@cm-tvedras.pt