HyER member: Hamburg
Name of the project: Performing energy

Performing energyDescription: The ‘Performing Energy’ network is a network of businesses and universities that jointly realize projects for the use of hydrogen as a storage medium for the permanent adoption of wind power. The network also campaigns for the improvement of the legal and commercial framework conditions of this type of hydrogen storage equipment. The projects also include the construction of a large-scale electrolyser on PEM (proton exchange membrane) basis in order to generate hydrogen from the excess wind energy on the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein. The hydrogen generated there will be used mainly for applications in Hamburg.

The primary concern of the ‘Performing Energy’ network is to advance the development of Power-to-Fuel technology. Its aim is to help shape the political framework on national and European levels for the prompt introduction of “green hydrogen” and so pave the way for fuels with minimal greenhouse gas emissions. In so doing the Expert Commission is laying the foundations for an integrated and efficient transformation of transportation fuel.

The members of ‘Performing Energy’ work to expound the economic benefits of an integration of renewable energies using wind hydrogen systems. The main concern is the strategic integration of renewable energy into the three energy sectors of electrical power, heating and mobility.

Funding: Local and national funding streams
Link to website: http://www.dwv-info.de/expert-commission-performing-energy/?lang=en

Contact: Carola Thimm, hySOLUTIONS
carola.thimm@hysolutions-hamburg.de | +49 40 32 88 44 96