HyER member: Torres Vedras

Name of the project: RENER/Smart Cities Portugal

Description: RENER – Renewable Energy Living Lab, aims to foster the development of a local community by developing the smart grid concept associated with new renewable energy technologies. RENER LL’s mission is to induce the appropriate context, in a local community, to allow the research and development, the test, implementation and validation of new energy technologies and solutions. In order to achieve this mission, RENER LL will act both as a test bed and a demo site, putting a special emphasis in the smart grid concept as a way of fostering the development and integrating multiple technologies.

Through its participation in the RENER the municipality of Torres Vedras integrates the network “Smart Cities Portugal”, which aims to promote the development and production of innovative urban solutions in an integrated manner with a view to structuring the offer and its value in international markets; enhance the participation of Portuguese companies and market towns of intelligent cities; and affirm the image of Portugal as a space for design, production and testing of products and services for smart cities.

Link to website: http://www.inteli.pt/pt/go/mobielivinglab

Contact: Sandra Pedro – Torres Vedras Municipality
Phone: +351 261 310 482 – Email: sandra.pedro@cm-tvedras.pt