HyER member: NRW

Name of the project: Sustainable public transport by the deployment of fuel cell hybrid buses

Description: The aim of the project is the gradual construction of a zero-emission vehicle fleet and thus the provision of a sustainable public transport. In the area of mobility, the fuel cell technology in combination with hydrogen shows high potential to become the dominant technology for sustainable public transport. With the purchase of the two fuel cell hybrid buses from Belgian manufacturer Van Hool which was founded by the state NRW, the RVK extended their zero-emissions fleet in 2014 to a total of four fuel cell hybrid buses. Already with the first two hydrogen buses Phileas (VdL), the company and its project partners were able to demonstrate that the fuel cell hybrid technology is functioning and suitable for mobile use.

Since the project start, the two Van Hool buses are in regular service in the cities of Hürth and Brühl. Up to now, worldwide approximately 50 of these Van Hool buses are in use. This shows that a sustainable public transport with the fuel cell hybrid buses is already possible today.

Project Leader: Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH (RVK)

Project Duration: 2014-2024

Project Partner: Van Hool

20. NRWFunding: The project is funded by the state of North-Rhine Westphalia

Link to website: http://www.fuelcell-nrw.de/fileadmin/daten/Projekt/laufend/PI_107_RVK-vanHool_eng.pdf

Contact: Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH
Jens Conrad
Theodor-Heuss Ring 19-21, 50668 Köln
Phone: +49 221/1637-503 | E-Mail: jens.conrad@rvk.de