HyER member: NRW

Name of the project: Wind Power Electrolysis / Hydrogen Application Center in Herten

Hydrogen Application Center in HertenDescription: The h2herten Anwender-Zentrum GmbH (h2herten Application Center) operates one of the most innovative Power to Gas plants worldwide. Build to deliver a platform for research and development of integrated energy supply systems to companies, it offers the chance to reproduce the entire cycle of energy conversion. This allows to show how a 100% renewable energy supply can be achieved in the future. The energy conversion process starts with the electrolyzer. With a maximum load of 160 kW 30 Nm3/h can be produced. Afterwards the hydrogen will be compressed from 10 bar to a pressure of up to 45 bar. With this pressure, a total amount of 470 kg of hydrogen can be stored in the storage tank. If necessary, a 50 kW fuel cell with an integrated small battery allows to convert the stored energy back to electricity. Additionally, a separate battery bank can be used for short term load balancing. It has an overall capacity of 28 kWh and can be charged with up to 40 kW and discharged with up to 80 kW.

The positive operational experience acts as an example what can be achieved with the energy supply system of the h2herten Anwender-Zentrum GmbH. It should be an inspiration for other companies to come to Herten and start their own research and development projects. h2herten Application Center offers access to the system and technical support, paired with long term operational experience. Our main objective is to help companies to develop concepts for a sustainable energy supply of the future.

Project Leader: h2herten Anwender-Zentrum GmbH

Project Duration: 2009 – 2025

Project Partners: City of Herten, University of Applied Science Gelsenkirchen, Evonik, Hydrogenics, Linde, Gustav Klein, Saft, Vako

20. NRWimage2Funding: The project has been funded by the state of North Rhine Westphalia and the European Union (ERDF).

Link to website: http://www.wasserstoffstadt-herten.de/Wasserstoffstadt-Herten.99.0.html?&L=1

Contact: Dieter Kwapis, HTVG mbH
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 9-13, 45699 Herten
Phone: +49 (0)2366-30 52 86 | E-Mail: d.kwapis@herten.de