Hydrogen waste collection vehicles in North West Europe


The HECTOR project started in January of 2019 and will run until 2023. The project will deploy 7 fuel cell garbage trucks in 7 cities in 5 countries of NWE: Aberdeen (Scotland), the Arnhem & Nijmegen region (Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Duisburg (Germany), Groningen (Netherlands), Herten (Germany) and in the Communauté de communes Touraine Vallée de l’Indre (France). The fuel cell garbage trucks will be used in the same way as conventional diesel trucks in 7 different waste management fleets. The project will showcase the current technology and the operational viability of the trucks by collecting data and important experiences.

The aim of the project is to enable a smooth introduction of a zero-emission technology in conventional fleets, thereby laying the foundation for upscaling and further deployment of fuel cell garbage trucks in the near future. Each deployment site will aim to continue the operation of the trucks after the end of the project and to gradually replace conventional fuel trucks by fuel cell trucks.

Project consortium

9 partners are involved in the project which is coordinated by HyER:

  • Waste management companies: SUEZ recycling and recovery Netherlands; AGR Abfallentsorgungs-gesellschaft Ruhrgebiet mbH; Bruxelles Propreté; Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg – AöR
  • Local authority: Aberdeen City Council; Communauté de Communes Touraine Vallée de l’Indre; Gemeente Groningen
  • Research and data analysis: Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
  • Lead partner and dissemination: HyER

Project targets

  • Deliver and demonstrate 7 different garbage trucks (backsliders, front-loaders, left hand drive, right hand drive, container trucks, truck with overhead arm) in 7 pilot sites
  • Encourage the production of fuel cell garbage trucks by manufacturers thereby bringing down the price and contributing to the commercialisation of fuel cell garbage trucks in Europe
  • Create a fixed demand for hydrogen in the regions, thereby enabling the production of green hydrogen on a commercial scale
  • Develop a framework for the deployment of fuel cell garbage trucks in NWE including recommendations for the public procurement of fuel cell garbage trucks
  • Assess the technical and environmental performance of fuel cell garbage trucks compared to conventional diesel trucks


The project is co financed by the INTERREG programme.

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