HyER is involved in several EU demonstration projects in the fields of fuel cell buses, micro-combined heat and power and battery electric vehicles and freight. HyER is a dissemination partner in all the projects.

The different EU projects, in which some of our members are project partners, add to the knowledge and experience existing in the HyER network.

Discover the different projects:

The HECTOR project will deploy 7 fuel cell garbage trucks in 7 cities across 5 countries in north-west-Europe (NWE), covering a wide range of contexts. The project will demonstrate that fuel cell garbage trucks provide an effective solution to reduce emissions from road transport.

The High V.LO-City project is deploying 14 fuel cell hydrogen buses in Aberdeen (Scotland), Antwerp (Belgium) and San Remo (Italy). The aim of the project is to accelerate the integration of fuel cell buses in public transport fleets and to demonstrate the technical and operational quality of fuel cell buses.


The HyTransit project is deploying six hydrogen fuel cell buses in Aberdeen (Scotland) as well as a state of the art hydrogen production and refuelling infrastructure. The overarching aim of the project is to demonstrate an operational availability for the fuel cell buses equivalent to diesel buses.