HyER 2016 AGM and visit to Hydrogen Aragon

The HyER 2016 AGM took place in Huesca, in the region of Aragon in Spain on the 16th of June.

Ahead of the AGM, HyER members attended the World Hydrogen Energy Conference. HyER member Aragon co-organised the 2016 WHEC which took place in Zaragoza from the 13th to the 16th of June. HyER Board member Pontus Lindberg from Skane presented the HyER activities during the closing plenary session on the 16th of June. The event was a success and helped to bring attention to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in Spain. It was also a good opportunity to highlight the work undertaken in the region of Aragon in particular.

HyER members then headed to the city of Huesca, where the Hydrogen Aragon facilities are located. HyER was welcomed by Marta Gaston, the regional Minister for Economy, Industry and Employment; as well as Luis Felipe, mayor of Huesca, at the City Hall. After a short visit of Huesca kindly arranged by the hosts, the AGM took place in the afternoon. Marta Gaston once again addressed the HyER members and underlined that Hydrogen Aragon will make sure that Aragon and HyER continue to develop their activities together. She also highlighted the strategic importance of hydrogen for Aragon and the commitment of the regional government to develop the technology. One very important step for the region will be the recently approved H2 Corridor project Hy2Piyr which connect Spain to Andorra and Southern France.

Cllr Barney Crockett, HyER Chair warmly thanked Marta Gaston and Luis Felipe for their presence. HyER could not have asked for more dedication and is impressed by the enormous support and backing from the government of Aragon. This fortifies what HyER is doing.

After the AGM, Hydrogen Aragon kindly arranged a visit of their facilities for the HyER members. The visit was very instructive. Hydrogen Aragon is working on a number of European projects and is testing different hydrogen technologies at their facilities. More information on all the interesting work Hydrogen Aragon is doing can be found here.

HyER would like to once again thank Aragon, and in particular Fernando Palacin and Javier Navarro, for a very enjoyable day. It was also great to see that Aragon enjoys a very strong political support for the development of hydrogen technologies on the regional level. More pictures of the day can be found here.

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