Hydrogen, fuel cells and electro-mobility in European regions

HyER is a membership-based network acting on the behalf of its members to represent the interests of European regions and cities active in the field of hydrogen, fuel cell technologies and electro mobility. HyER’s aim is to become the European point of reference for hydrogen and electro mobility in EU regions, cooperating with key decision-members at the EU level and assisting members effectively to develop their hydrogen and electro mobility activities.

The association was created in 2006 and now represents more than 20 regions in 9 countries over Europe

HyER supports the deployment and commercialisation of battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. We assist our members in the development of their hydrogen and electro mobility activities by enabling the share of knowledge and capacity for decision making.

With all its activities, HyER wishes to help the European Union to reach its emission reduction targets, as well as contribute to the development of a low carbon economy in Europe. A sustainable EU transport and energy system will also help provide a higher quality of life to all EU citizens. For all this, cooperation between European regions and cities is necessary, in order to share knowledge and know-how.

Electro-mobility as understood by the European Commission encompasses both fuel cell and battery electric vehicles.


Hydrogen, fuel cells and electro mobility offer a substantial number of opportunities to help European cities and regions which are facing a number of environment challenges. They can indeed help cities and regions to achieve their carbon reduction targets by helping to decarbonise sectors such as transport, industry and buildings.

Although HyER’s activities mainly focus on transport, we are also looking at other applications for hydrogen for instance:


With our members, we are working towards sustainable transport and energy systems in the European Union

Our key objectives and activities are the following:


To discover more about HyER’s activities, read the HyER Strategy