Region Skåne

Skåne in southernmost Sweden is one of the most dynamic and expansive areas in Northern Europe. Strategically located in the fast-growing Öresund region, which incorporates Skåne and Greater Copenhagen, it offers access to a market of 3.7 million consumers – a prime location for pioneering companies and business success inside the European Union.

Area 11 027 square kilometres
Population 1.3 million

Biggest cities and populations
Malmö 320,000
Helsingborg 140,000
Lund 120,000
Kristianstad 80,000

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Hydrogen, fuel cells and electro-mobility activities

Region Skåne is working on sustainability in general and sustainable transport in particular has its base in Skåne’s regional development strategy, Open Skåne 2030. As a result of extensive dialogues with citizens, civil society, businesses and the public sector, Region Skåne have selected five prioritised areas that needs to be worked with in order to achieve a completely open Skåne. Skåne shall offer optimism and quality of life, be a strong, sustainable growth engine, benefit from its polycentric urban structure, develop the welfare services of tomorrow and be globally attractive.

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The region has the vision to be independent of fossil fuel in the areas of electricity, heating and transport by 2020. In a cooperation between Region Skåne, The Skåne Association of Local Authorities and The County Administrative Board of Skåne, a pledge to be fossil free by 2020 has been developed and citizens, civil society, businesses and the public sector are invited to join. For more information please visit the following web sites (in Swedish only):

Region Skåne is also working with biogas. This is a highly climate-efficient fuel that can immediately provide a very positive effect on climate in the region. Skåne has through agriculture, research and entrepreneurship very good conditions to develop local production and in 2020 it is possible that the transportation sector’s fuel in Skåne can be satisfied with biogas, electricity and fuel cells.

Through the EU founded project Next Move, Region Skåne got the possibility to purchase two hydrogen fuel cell cars. A hydrogen refilling station has been set up in Malmö, the only one in Sweden. By being early users of fuel cell vehicles, the first steps towards a hydrogen infrastructure and a new market for FCEVs are taken.