Edinburgh to Monte Carlo and back in an electric vehicle

Plug In Adventures and BMM Energy recently completed the journey from Edinburgh to London and back, via Monte Carlo in a BMWi 3 in just 60 hours.

Plug in Adventures was created by Chris Ramsey, an electric vehicles enthusiast, a few years ago. Chris Ramsey’s aim is to test UK’s and Europe’s EV charging infrastructure and to engage with the public to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles. Terry Mohammed, from BMM Energy Solutions, joined Chris Ramsey in his adventure. BMM Energy Solutions is installing private and commercial charging points in the UK. The objective of the trip was to raise awareness about the readiness of Europe’s EV charging infrastructure for long distance routes.

Chris Ramsey said “There’s still scepticism about the capabilities of EVs on long journeys, and “Range Anxiety” is the main barrier stopping people from looking at electric vehicles.  That’s why I delight in pushing all-electric travel to the limits and taking on the really big drives to show these cars can easily provide the day-to-day range of almost any driver. If we can drive 2551miles in 60hrs, people can easily drive outside the town or visit friends or family in another city.”

The charging infrastructure indeed proved to be extremely reliable along the way: On the route, only one charger was out of order – it was hit by a lorry the previous day. Other than that, no difficulties were encountered at charging points by the team.

Mapping the route required some planning and the trip took 36 charges. The BMW i3 has a range of between 130-170km depending on the way it is driven, driving conditions and the weather. The charges in the UK were free while the Sodetrel Corri-Door ones in France costing 1.5 euros for a 20min charge. All in all, the total trip cost 55 euros – 45 euros for charging and 10 euros to register with the EDF run Sodetrel Corri-dorr network.

The main purpose of the trip was to raise awareness of electric vehicles and prove that you can drive an electric car anywhere if you plan the route and register with the relevant EV charging networks.